Awaken to aliveness 2 – from the heart to the cosmos – a conscious movement/ Azul workshop with Ekaterina Kamenskaya

This workshop invites you to continue your discovery of your aliveness through conscious movement. Starting in the center of our heart we will dance with our creative expression as humans or artists and connect the deep wisdom of the heart with our unique footprint, our visions, our inspiration and intuition and the higher cosmic intelligence. Get ready to become alive through your movement and connect to your centers of emotional power, mental creativity and spiritual receptivity. Becoming alive is what we long for, what we can be, what we are meant to be. Enjoy the journey.

Price: 135 CHF

Early bird until 1st of the workshop month: 95 CHF

Super early bird: 80 CFH until 1st day of previous month

No prior dance experience required. Everyone is welcome to go on this journey.
Ekaterina Kamenskaya is a powerful creator, author, PhD and an Azul teacher from Zürich.
Language: English and German.
To register, please, pay directly or using wise.com:
IBAN: CH46 0023 0230 1650 8340 H
Full name: Ekaterina Kamenskaya
Address: Am Wasser 146, Zurich 8049 Switzerland
PayPal: PayPal.Me/kayarena
You will receive further information after payment.

Awaken to aliveness – from the heart to the cosmos
Nov 19 2023
10am - 5pm
Gelber Saal, Volkshaus
Stauffacherstrasse 60

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