What are you breathing in, what are you breathing out? How much space is there for both?
What serves your body when you breathe? Where is the lightness and how can you experience lightness in your movement?
The air moves through time and space be it a tiny little breeze or a powerful storm.
The air inspires your spirit and your creativity.
Let yourself be carried through your movement into the energy of the air:
Flying into than you, following your intuition, the surprises of your mind and your spontaneity.

Bring comfort clothes, a blanket and water with you.
Music will be played from 2.30 pm. Cost: 35 €

Let go and enjoy the freedom of air on the dance floor!

Cycle of elements: Air
Dec 12 2020
3-6.30 pm
Tanzschule Hahn
Wilhelmstrasse 105a

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