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Natascha Rosellen

I am a psychologist and I have been working as a self-employed consultant, leadership coach, family therapist and dancing healer for over 20 years. During the last 10 years, I have intensified my learning in the bigger field of Conscious Movement. DANCE YOUR SOUL integrates the systemic approach, conscious movement tools like Azul, biodynamic approaches, improvisation and shamanic elements. Every movement is a movement of the body, mind and heart. Together they help us expanding into our soul being the deepest layer of who and why we are.

Dance and Conscious Movement changed my life over the last decade of years. Change from the inside out, rooted at the core of my heart, reconnecting me with my soul’s journey. Dance helped me process and heal from the pain of death and loss. I am more patient and loving with myself and others. I handle change in a more relaxed and trustful way, and I am more at ease being my full, authentic self. Through the dance my soul can breathe.

Moving in community connects me with joy, power and empathy. Together, we create a powerful space of humanity, support, trust, compassion and joy.

I developed Leadership in Motion as a tool that connects professional coaching and the development of organizations with conscious movement as a way to support leaders in their professional challenges.
I live in Tübingen with two of my four kids.

DANCE YOUR SOUL is an infinite space inviting various forms of exploration, discovery, development and transformation. It’s a multilevel dance practice addressing the movement of the body, the heart, the mind and the soul. Everybody is invited to dance, there are no prerequisites needed. Every movement is unique and welcome when we allow ourselves to listen to the body and follow the current of the movement. DANCE YOUR SOUL follows the systemic approach as a resource-based, creative and deeply appreciative way that cherishes diversity, difference, wholeness and aliveness. It focusses on systems, constellations, communication and solutions. It sees the human being as a self regulating system within systems with its unique wisdom, creativity and potential.
DANCE YOUR SOUL is influenced by conscious movement methodologies like a wholeness-based biodynamic approach, improvisation and Azul as a dance practice that connects us with the current of life. Azul focusses on opening the heart through conscious movement of the body. All these methods serve our reconnection with creative sexual life force, with our roots and with the mystery of life. DANCE YOUR SOUL includes shamanic elements/roots as the natural powers of nature, the elements, the deep connection to Earth and our ancestors, the power of our imagination/ spirits and healing dance rituals.

Transformation is a major momentum in DANCE YOUR SOUL. We continuously let go of the old and create the new. Every movement is creation and destruction, life and death. Following our movement we are invited to explore and expand the space within passages and moments of transformation. We spiral through life and our body’s wisdom helps us remember, reconnect and move forward.

DANCE YOUR SOUL connects you to the resources in your body, heart and soul to support growth. It is a colorful and dynamic way to awaken the heart and reconnect with your soul through the body’s wisdom.

Your breath
needs you now
it wants to slow down
it is asked to relax more
by your body
It is a way to your unique
to your very core
to the one that
wants to be born new
within you
your soul

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