Through movement you gain a direct and deep access to your heart. In the dance your body and soul open up to the themes of your life and let you find new strength and perspectives within yourself.

Embodied Feminine Powers

Dear goddess, do you want to resource deeply in a safe space of women? Are you longing to discover and get to know your natural innate powers as a woman? Join us for the foundations of our feminity: wholeness, nourishment, earth, community and level up your power through beauty, receiving, longing, purification, creative space and the sacredness of all life. Our mini-retreats offer a wide, deep and joyful space. We guide you using movement, music, meditation, reflection and sharing. All programs are online and in English. Discover more at

Open Hearts: Wild and Free

What is alive within your heart? How free is your heart? How can you find a mindful and loving way to take care of your heart, and your dreams? Let’s embark on a journey into this space. Prepare to be surprised!

The Power of Gratitude

A workshop of fullness, offering you a space to harvest the fruit and flowers that you have been planting. A space of inspiration to listen, to reflect, to sense and to feel gratitude.

Moving In Joy

What makes you happy? What makes you want to dance? Where is the source of your deepest joy? What do you in-joy? This workshop is an invitation to explore the answers with your body, through silence and movement.

Silence Within You

What is silence in movement? What parts of you are in silence? What is whispering to you while being in silence? Relax and enjoy the silence. Being calm, being happy, breathing deep, being in the middle of chaos – silence is always there with you. Listen to it through the body.

Upside Down – The Beauty of Chaos

An invitation into the fierce energy of chaos. Shake off what is no longer serving you, put yourself upside down and let yourself be guided by the colorful, creative energy of chaos. Enjoy being a fool and playing around. Be childish. Let go and surrender to the chaos through movement. High or low, calm or wild – chaos awaits you with its beauty and its treasures.

Day of the Dead – A Journey of Discovery into Life

What are you missing? What changed? What did you lose? What wants to become alive within you? And where can you notice and allow for all of it? An invitation to take time for movement to enter the field of loss and grief gently and consciously. Allow yourself to move, to express and lovingly hold what is healing and strengthening you.

You are Beautiful. An Adventure into the Kingdom of Self-Love

What would happen if you loved your body and yourself exactly the way you are right now? The way your body is right now. The way you are. Join us for an adventure in discovery – to explore those parts that want to be felt, moved, sensed and held with love.

Let’s Play – and Get Lost in the Game!

Enjoy playing in movement with all of your senses; with the space, limits, dimensions, solidity, flow, lightness and heaviness. Release your inner child! Can you see it? It just wants to play. When the movement becomes playful, the game comes alive.

At Home in the Body. The Lightness of Not Knowing

Movement allows us to relax deeply into the body. Let‘s discover and enter into the unknown. Explore safety through movement into the unknown. Move towards the question mark and embrace it, without knowing. Enjoy the fullness of your movement and silence of your mind.

The Five Elements in Our Body

A journey through the powerful energy of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, ether). Connect with the strong forces of the substance of our planet and experience them in your breath, movement, bones and the cosmos of your unique body.

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