The ether is the fifth element.
The ether is the biggest space we are in, the cosmos, the universe. The ether provides the essence of emptiness and silence constantly expanding into space. When we connect with that movement we become able to sense a space that exists way before and beyond our thinking.
The ether contains all other elements.
There’s an essence of presence in it, of something new emerging in this moment in the beautiful space of silence.

How can you connect with the creativity of this element? What does your body need from the ether? What kind of movement does your body choose when you enter the space of the ether?

Come dance and find it out!

Bring comfortable clothes, a blanket and water with you.

Music will be played from 2.30 pm. Cost: 40 €, red. 35 €

Cycle of elements: Ether
Oct 23 2021
3-6.30 pm
Tanzschule Hahn
Wilhelmstrasse 105a

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