The fire is our warmth, our heat, our passion, our fire within us.
The fire is in the ashes, and the flames or in the glow.
What wants to burn into ashes, what wants to flare up within you?
What Part of your movement holds the energy of the fire?

The fire offers the energy of transformation.
Transforms material to ashes and the ashes to the Phoenix. The fire lets up our darkness, our pain, it helps us to releases, it can initiate a purifying anger.
It helps us to sense and perceive the parts that want to shine and come out more clearly. The energy of the fire burns faults ideas and frees us from illusions, connecting us with our deepest truth, our goals, our visions.

Get inspired and inflamed to explore this vital, pulsating energy in your body!

Bring comfort clothes, a blanket and water with you.
Music will be played from 2.30 pm. Cost: 35 €

Cycle of elements: Fire
Oct 24 2020
3-6.30 pm
Tanzschule Hahn
Wilhelmstrasse 105a

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