Life is continuously changing, challenging us to adjust, and to dance with the flow.
As we are human, sometimes that’s an easy and joyful task – the heart is happy and we celebrate. At other times it’s really hard to accept and allow change – we meet our human limitations.
Let’s take life’s movement gently into our bodies, our movement and explore.
What is changing right now? How can I find a way to receive and trust change?
How can I be gentle and kind to myself in the continuous process of letting go of the old and receiving the new? How do I accept my human limitations in a loving way without judging myself?
How can my body help me to ground my heart in gratitude towards the magic of change?
How can I express and celebrate the magic of change through my movement?

This conscious movement workshop offers a space for you to explore your creativity, your potency and your art to get out of things that don’t serve you anymore and into a new reality that you might search for – through your movement.
Conscious movement is a combination of movement, breath and music. It’s about inquiring the body and its beautiful way to resolve things on a movement level. It’s about being free and letting your body guide you.
Dance your soul as a practice is based on a solution-focused systemic approach, uses the tools of AZUL as well as shamanic elements.
No prior dance experience required. Everyone is welcome to go on this journey. Workshop language will be English.
Come in comfortable clothing, bring water and a snack for lunch break with you. Admission will be at 9.30 am.

Price: Early bird 90 € to be paid by March 15th 2024, then standard price 110 €.

To register, please use PayPal:
Register per mail here:
Charlotte: chbovenkamp@hotmail.com
or Natascha: azul@dancingheart.de

The magic of change – moving into the new
Apr 6 2024
Geert Groote School Roeske
Fred. Roeskestraat 82
1076 ED Amsterdam

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