Dance your soul Sundays are back! During the dark period of the year, I am happy to offer a Sunday dance session every month.

Enjoy the intimacy of 90 minutes guided online dancing with a community of people from all over the world. Enjoy a space to sense in, relax and become present with your heart, your body and your soul. Enjoy time with yourself taking care of yourself and resourcing you through the music, the movement and your breath.

How to prepare?
Download the zoom app on your device.

Write an email to azul@dancingheart.de to let me know you are participating.

Cost: 15 € . just PayPal me at azul@dancingheart.de. Remitly is another app for international money transfers. that doesn’t charge many fees

Space: Provide a space where you can move for 90 minutes. The dance ends after an ca. 75 minutes and you are invited to share your experience with the others. No prerequisites necessary. The class will be taught in English.

Community: Invite someone else to participate. Have some water nearby. Every movement is welcome, sitting, standing, on the floor…just follow. Everyone is invited to join!

Looking forward to see you on the online dance floor on November 5th.



Dance your soul Sundays
Nov 5 2023
6-7.30 pm CET, 12-1.30 pm EST

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