Day of the Dead – a journey into life

What did you lose?
What kind of idea did you give up or had to give up?
Where did your life change?
What are you missing?
Which period, which phase of your life is over now?
Where do you feel a gap, that may touch you, hurt you or even make you angry?

Are there parts that maybe you want to say goodbye to?

What wants to come alive in you right now, in your body, in your movement?

This weekend offers you a space to enquire what you have lost or intentionally dismissed. Using the body as an infinite resource we will explore the landscape of the loss: the things/ persons/ times that died, what we miss and the changes that the loss has brought to our lives.
Dancing within the gap provides an access, a new perspective, an opportunity to grow into a realm of healing and selflove. Our body and the movement give us the power to change. They make us feel held and protected on our way.

Bring with you whatever you lost and what you miss. Allow yourself and your body to choose movement as a most powerful way to express, allow and enable life to help you with death.

Weekend Workshop: 2 days, Saturday 11am-5pm, Sunday 10am- 4 pm

Cost: 190 €
After your registration you will receice an invitation with all the relevant information (Location, time, bank details etc.) and a little preparation you could do before the workshop.

See you on the dancefloor!

Day of the Dead
Nov 7 2020–Nov 8 2020
11am–17pm & 10am–16pm
Provenceweg 22

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