We all come from the water. Our body consists of water. Our biological basis is water. Flowing and fluidity are nurtured by the water and its energy. Our life is seeking this fluidity, this flow.

Entering fluidity in movement, we can connect with life and root ourselves in the greater space surrounding us.
The flow follows the lightness, water is running down following gravity. We can allow ourselves to be carried by that flow.
Water can clarify and heal. It carries all other movements of the dance and there’s no dance without flow. The water turns the dance into a unique and direct form of expression, into instantaneous art.

Follow me into the journey into this marvelous vital element!

Bring comfort clothes, a blanket and water with you.

Music will be played from 2.30 pm. Cost: 35 €




Cycle of elements: Water
Sep 19 2020
3-6.30 pm
Tanzschule Hahn Tübingen
Wilhelmstrasse 105

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