You are comprised of 84 minerals, 23 elements, and 8 gallons of water spread across 38 trillion cells.  You have been built up from nothing by the spare parts of Earth you have consumed … You are recycled butterflies, plants, rocks, streams, firewood, wolf fur and shark teeth, broken down to their smallest parts and rebuilt into our plant’s most complex living thing.  You are not living on Earth.  You are Earth.” ~ Aubrey Marcus

Our bodies are the microcosm of the entire earth.  When we see this connection and embody it, we can access a vast power.  Working with our bodies is the same as working with the Earth.  They are inseparable; Earth is in our cells and in our blood.

The heart of a woman communicates with the heart of the earth, which is our planet’s seat of consciousness.

Our bodies are in synchronicity with the physical world, and menstruation turns us into beings of earth in relation to the moon.

Our closeness with earth gives us a great advantage in working with all the energies that come from and are generated by the earth. Women are naturally shamans and transmitters of energies.

Our western society lacks recognition of a woman’s wisdom of the body and in connection with the earth – and as a result a lot of power and energy are lost, and potential is denied.

What emerges when women embody the power of Earth?

Each woman has a unique path of reclaiming what has been forgotten.  The need is not to become powerful, but to wake up to the nature of our power that is already available.  To reclaim this power, we can honor our bodies’ deep energetic connection to the earth.  Women living in connection with the earth is part of a universal balancing process that is very much needed in western society ruled by the masculine.

In this mini-retreat we will:

  • Discover how to take responsibility for our power as women.
  • Learn practices to connect with the earth, take in its nourishment and how to develop a deeper spiritual relationship to the earth.
  • Connecting to the earth through heartbeat, breath, intention, dancing, and sending joy and blessings to the earth and all her creatures.

Earth is happy by nature, and so is a woman.

How and where to register?

  • All sessions will take place on Zoom
  • Each session is 2.5 hours so that we have time to listen, deepen, allow and move toward these powers
  • Times for all 3 sessions:
    • 7:00-9:30 AM US/Canada Pacific
    • 10:00 AM-12:30 PM US/Canada Eastern
    • 3:00-5:30 PM Western European Time/UTC
    • 4:00-6:30 PM Central European Time/CET.
  • Price: Choose which mini retreats to attend.  We highly encourage you to register for all 4 to get the full experience and value of the course if possible, but you will receive great value from 1 retreat on it’s own!
    • (1) session for $65 USD or €65 or €200 for all 4 mini retreats
    • Special early bird price registering before Jan 3rd:
    • 4 mini-retreats for €175
    • 2 mini retreats for €105
    • If you attended our Embodied Power retreats in Fall 2022, you will receive a 25% discount off both early bird or regular registration
  • You can register right here (Natascha), please use Paypal to pay: azul@dancingheart.de or
  • Americans can sign up here (Lisa):

Use the early bird and join us to empower yourself in a unique, inspiring, feminine way!

Happy to see you soon on the dance floor,

Lisa and Natascha

Embodied feminine powers 3 – Earth
Feb 5 2023
4-6pm CET

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