Women instinctually have the wisdom to work with the power of community because we are naturally connected to others through our bodies and our feelings.  We know how to create or destroy community through the energies of love or envy.  We know how to nourish others through immediate, physical connection as well as from afar through intuition and powers of the heart.

We relate, we pass energy and resources through our relationships. We care for others, we suffer with others.  Relating, empathy and emotional attunement are the basics of the feminine contribution to community.

Dominant western cultural ideals of individuality, autonomy and separateness that devalue a woman’s natural capacities are slowly dying away as we evolutionarily prepare for the big tasks facing humanity today.  Recognizing, honoring, and learning to live in community is the task for this century.  More and more we know we will be thriving or suffering together.

Living the power of Community doesn’t mean a woman has to sacrifice her own knowing, her own needs.  Rather, the contrary is true:  Through groundedness and wholeness, she knows how to create boundaries between pain and feeling of others and her own. She finds a way to stimulate others, to lift them up energetically, without giving away a piece of her soul or pushing them down through pity.

Through living the power of community, we taste the reality of the deep inner soul – the center of love, beauty and power where we live what is real.

  • Can we admit that genuine belonging is a deeper need than a new car?
  • Can we honor how much we need to feel connected and how isolation harms us and others?

What does a woman who is living the power community look like?
She has the courage to stand in her need to belong, to feel others and be felt by them.  She connects instead of separating. She takes a strong stand for the basic human need of connecting with others in a balanced, self-nourishing way.  She understands that we are collectivity stronger than the individual, and that her feminine body and soul enables her to connect spirit and matter.  She knows how to both give and receive.

In this mini retreat you will:

  • Deepen your understanding of how your inner resources of love, generosity, abundance can impact what happens in the outer world.
  • Share embodied experiences of community – in dance, silence and sharing.
  • Connect a woman’s natural power for community to the felt sense of belonging.

See how community activates our sense of purpose

How and where to register?

  • All sessions will take place on Zoom
  • Each session is 2.5 hours so that we have time to listen, deepen, allow and move toward these powers
  • Times for all 3 sessions:
    • 7:00-9:30 AM US/Canada Pacific
    • 10:00 AM-12:30 PM US/Canada Eastern
    • 3:00-5:30 PM Western European Time/UTC
    • 4:00-6:30 PM Central European Time/CET.
  • Price: Choose which mini retreats to attend.  We highly encourage you to register for all 4 to get the full experience and value of the course if possible, but you will receive great value from 1 retreat on it’s own!
    • (1) session for $65 USD or €65 or €200 for all 4 mini retreats
    • Special early bird price registering before Jan 3rd:
    • 4 mini-retreats for €175
    • 2 mini retreats for €105
    • If you attended our Embodied Power retreats in Fall 2022, you will receive a 25% discount off both early bird or regular registration
  • You can register right here (Natascha), please use Paypal to pay: azul@dancingheart.de or
  • Americans can sign up here (Lisa):

Use the early bird and join us to empower yourself in a unique, inspiring, feminine way!

Happy to see you soon on the dance floor,

Lisa and Natascha

Embodied feminine powers 4 – community
Feb 26 2023
4-6pm CET

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