Powers that are natural to women are often so simple and so much a part of life that we don’t honor them – like nourishment.

Giving nourishment is often so much a part of a woman’s life that we don’t acknowledge the emotional, psychological and spiritual nourishment we provide naturally.

Nourishment is a gift and a responsibility.  In this mini retreat, we deepen in the question of how to connect and use our capacity to nourish consciously – for our own benefit and that of those around us.

Without nourishment, all life falls apart – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Without physical nourishment, we die.

Without emotional nourishment, we do not develop as human beings.

And without spiritual nourishment, we can’t expand our capacity to be present, to see clearly, to love.

What does a woman who embodies the power of nourishment look like?

Nourishment is our strength of creative, life-giving, motherly power.  It helps us see our bodies as the miraculous spiritual vehicles that they are.  We feel the power of nourishment when we carry and breast-feed a child.  We feel it being the mothers of our physical children, the mothers of our inner children, or when birthing life-affirming work in the world.  We naturally love, give, care, and are compassionate when the power of nourishment is active in our lives.

Our strongest vehicle to provide nourishment on all levels is our body.  We radiate energies and we also absorb them through our bodies.  Our body is the transmitter for spiritual nourishment – the uterus being a powerful internal field that brings energy inward.  And the heart/breast emits energy outward.  This cycle of spiritual energy through the body is unique to women.

The world is hungry.  Women are more than needed with our unique capacity to nourish the world. This doesn’t mean to sacrifice yourself or your needs. Quite the opposite:  It’s up to every woman to honestly acknowledge what we truly need, and then what is truly needed from us.  This includes forgiving harm done to us.  We are created to nourish, life needs our nourishment, and nothing holds us back but ourselves.

In this mini retreat you will…

  • Understand how the power of nourishment works in a woman’s life.
  • Explore the way of balance that does not contribute to the depletion that so many women feel as we give and give in so many directions.
  • Learn how nourishment can happen naturally, through our bodies, with a sense of oneness and connection, where we don’t need to withhold.  Rather, how to simply respond with presence.
  • Becoming aware of how our energy system is important in providing a strong basis of trust that reminds us our bodies are uniquely designed to sustain and nourish life.

How and where to register?

  • All sessions will take place on Zoom
  • Each session is 2.5 hours so that we have time to listen, deepen, allow and move toward these powers
  • Times for all 3 sessions:
    • 7:00-9:30 AM US/Canada Pacific
    • 10:00 AM-12:30 PM US/Canada Eastern
    • 3:00-5:30 PM Western European Time/UTC
    • 4:00-6:30 PM Central European Time/CET.
  • Price: Choose which mini retreats to attend.  We highly encourage you to register for all 4 to get the full experience and value of the course if possible, but you will receive great value from 1 retreat on it’s own!
    • (1) session for $65 USD or €65 or €200 for all 4 mini retreats
    • Special early bird price registering before Jan 3rd:
    • 4 mini-retreats for €175
    • 2 mini retreats for €105
    • If you attended our Embodied Power retreats in Fall 2022, you will receive a 25% discount off both early bird or regular registration
  • You can register right here (Natascha), please use Paypal to pay: azul@dancingheart.de or
  • Americans can sign up here (Lisa):

Use the early bird and join us to empower yourself in a unique, inspiring, feminine way!

Happy to see you soon on the dance floor,

Lisa and Natascha

Embodied feminine powers 2 – Nourishment
Jan 29 2023
4-6pm CET

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