What would you like to get rid of?
Where do you need to let go?
What is ready or just due to say goodbye to?
How can we create the new?
How can we receive impulses to move forward?
How can we embody them rather than think them?
What is there that needs to be left behind so that the new, that is already in you, can have more space, become more visible, more palpable?
Let’s give all that to your movement and follow the body. Trusting its wisdom and its power to change.
This conscious movement workshop offers a space for you to explore your creativity, your potency and your art to get out of things that don’t serve you anymore and into a new reality that you might search for – through your movement.
Conscious movement is a combination of movement, breath and music. It’s about inquiring the body and its beautiful way to resolve things on a movement level. It’s about being free and letting your body guide you.
Azul is a form of conscious movement created by Amara Pagano. In the dance we move and follow the wisdom and the power of our body to open our awareness and become present in our heart.
No prior dance experience required. Everyone is welcome to go on this journey.
Natascha Rosellen is a passionate dancer, an Azul teacher and a leader for various live and online workshops, for groups and individuals.
Ekaterina Kamenskaya is a powerful creator, author, PhD and an Azul teacher from Zürich.

Price: Early bird 95 CHF to be paid by November 1, then standard price 135 CHF.
Full refund, if the participant cancels 1.5 month before the event. 50% refund, if participant cancels 3 weeks before the event.
Language: English and German.
To register, please, pay directly or using wise.com:
IBAN: CH46 0023 0230 1650 8340 H
Full name: Ekaterina Kamenskaya
Address: Am Wasser 146, Zurich 8049 Switzerland
PayPal: PayPal.Me/kayarena
You will receive further information after payment.
Let’s meet on the dance floor and enjoy the journey into the new!
Every ending is a new beginning – Let go and Create the New
Nov 20 2022
10am - 5 pm
Volkshaus, Gelber Saal
Stauffacherstrasse 60
8004 Zürich

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