Receive yourself.

be your own host. Seize the opportunity to accept yourself the way you are today, the way you move today. In your dance.

Open the door for yourself with a smile and say hello.

How to prepare?
Download the zoom app on your device.

Send 20 € toNatascha  Rosellen IBAN DE07 6723 0000 4089 7337 87
Or paypal me https://www.paypal.me/NataschaRosellen
The transfer is your registration.

Take a space where you can move for 1,5- 2 hours.
Invite someone else to participate. Have some water nearby. Every movement is welcome, sitting, standing, on the floor…just follow what feels good to you!
I will send you the zoom link on the day before the offering.

Azul teachers/ movement facilitators are free of charge and invited to join! Please send me an email to receive the link the day before the offering starts.

Looking forward to see you on the online dance floor!





Receive yourself
Nov 14 2021
7-8.45 pm CET

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