The power of receiving
Today we are going to take a journey into the quality of receiving, a deep female potential to open and allow our devotion to grow into the unknown.
Through our movement.
We dance with open hearts, firmly grounded in the earth, open for what wants to arise.
Let’s be curious and see how your body and your movement may surprise you.


Azul teachers are free of charge. Please mail me to receive the link before the online offering.


How to prepare?

Please send 20 € to
Natascha  Rosellen
IBAN DE07 6723 0000 4089 7337 87

or PayPal me

Download the zoom app. Your transfer is your registration.

A day before the offering you will receive the zoom link.

Prepare for a room where you can spend 1,5 – 2 hours and move comfortably. Have water with you. Wear comfortable clothes. Enjoy!

The power of receiving
May 2 2021–May 2 2021
7-8.45 pm CET

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