How do you feel when you are in trust? Warm, light, grounded, fresh, delighted or resourced? How does your body move when you are in trust? What are your sensations, your impulses, your movements like?

We live in wild and continuously changing times. Life sends us many challenges to face anxiety, to be with it, surrender and find our way back into trust. Right now. For a lot of us it has become a daily challenge.

We need trust. It’s our heart’s home. It’s where we feel safe and protected and where we dare to believe.

One of our most powerful tools to help us find the way home is our body and our movement.

This workshop offers space to our body to dance us back or deeper into trust. To reconnect. To allow and follow. To trust our movement. To open our heart.

Join us in discovering your body’s powerful and unique way to move from fear into trust, to deepen your trust, to let go and move on.

We are happy to take this journey with you on the dance floor! 


Azul is a form of conscious movement created by Amara Pagano. In the dance we move and follow the wisdom and the power of our body to open our awareness and become present in our heart.

Natascha Rosellen is a passionate dancer and an Azul teacher for various live and online workshops, for groups and individuals.
Ekaterina Kamenskaya is an Azul apprentice

Price: Early bird price 95 CHF to be paid by June 9th, then standard price 135 CHF.

How to register?

 1. Please pay through paypal to azul@dancingheart.de

or to : Natascha Rosellen; IBAN DE05 6407 0024 0180 2677 00

2. Please confirm your registration per mail and write to azul@dancingheart.de

 You will receive further information.


Let’s meet on the dance floor and enjoy the journey into trust!

Language: English.

No prior dance experience required. Everyone is welcome to go on this journey.


Trust yourself – trust the unknown
Jul 9 2022
10 am - 5 pm
GZ Grünau, Raum Meierwiesen
Grünauring 18

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